Terms and Conditions

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  • Teachers will prepare the relevant documents [e.g. Word/PowerPoint file] for each session which will be shared with the student at the end of each lecture.
  • During the tutoring session, the assigned MTS administrator will be available for chat on Skype, in case anything needs to be discussed.
  • There is a specific protocol to be followed when beginning and ending a session on Skype. Both the student and teacher must write “session started”. Similarly, at the end of each session, they must write “session finished”. This is to make sure that administrators have a full visibility of the tutoring sessions.
  • Typically, after the 3rd session, assigned administrator will have a feedback discussion with the student/parent and anything which needs to be addressed will be taken care of at its earliest. If desired, parents/students can provide feedback directly to MTS management on a regular basis.
  • If students/parents have any queries or concerns (during or after the sessions), they can always consult the available MTS administrator via Skype or email us at info@mytutorsource.qa

Terms and Conditions for Students/Parents:

  • My Tutor Source provides Online Education services to students around the globe including (but not limited to) UK, Singapore, UAE, Hong Kong, India and Pakistan.
  • We are a Global Online education platform and do not have any offices or physical presence in the UAE, nor do we hire teachers/tutors (as a full time or part time employee) from within the UAE.
  • All home/private classes are provided through our Online Tutoring system. We do not provide any type of physical/In Person tutoring in the UAE.
  • We do not provide any certification or degree of any kind in any part of the world.
  • Students/parents using our Online Education services warrant that they should abide all local laws in their respective countries before taking up any online Tutoring from My Tutor Source.
  • Students/parents will not share their personal information with the tutor/s (such as but not limited to: Skype IDs, email addresses and phone numbers etc.) MTS administrators will handle all logistics of communications.
  • Students are advised to not engage in personal conversations with the tutor during and after the tutoring sessions. This is to maintain professionalism and a healthy environment where delivering quality education is the primary goal.
  • Students/parents must purchase/book a minimum of 4 sessions per subject at a time (i.e. 4 hours of tutoring per subject).
  • Payment is made before the sessions. This amount is non-refundable. Of course, The MTS team ensures that all sessions are successfully delivered.
  • If students/parents are not satisfied by the performance of a specific tutor, MTS administration will conduct a thorough review and may change the tutor for the remaining sessions. No refunds shall be made.
  • The hours booked/purchased for online tutoring can only be utilized for online tutoring and not for any other form of In Person/Physical tutoring.